10 Life Hacks EVERY LAZY Person Should Know!

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*Music playing* Wengie: Hey guys, it’s Wengie! Welcome back, and lazy-corn hug! Wengie: So today, we’re doing ten lazy hacks, you guys loved the first one I did, and, if you guys haven’t watched that, you guys have to check it out, this is a disclaimer, these are actually joke, actually right now, I’m running a Mac – Book Air giveaway, so, if you guys want to be a part of the giveaway, all you need to do is to join this wonderful family here, and, the only other thing you guys have to do is subscribe to ReactiCorns, which is linked down below, this week, we’re gonna do a like challenge, let’s get this video to another hundred, and fifty-eight thousand likes, Mia’s gonna give you three seconds to do this, ready, 3,2,1; have you guys done it? Wengie: Without further ado, let’s get on with the video! Let’s go! *Music playing* Wengie: How many of you wear glasses or contacts? Well, if you regularly get your eyes checked, well done to you, but if you’re like me, and are just way too lazy to get them checked regularly, you might find yourself in this situation, hmm, I wonder what’s on special today, wait, what’s that, roast children, no, that doesn’t sound right! *Music playing* Wengie: Instead of getting your eyes checked like a normal person, you can just take out your phone, take a picture of the menu, and, zoom in on your phone screen to read what it said! *Music playing* Wengie’s mother: Hey Wengie, I need those veggies washed, remember! You said you’d do it two hours! Wengie: Okay, mum, fine! (Noise) *Music playing* Wengie: So many! *Music playing* Wengie: Yep, I’m that lazy, I’d actually use a dishwasher to wash my vegetables, obviously, this is a joke, or is it, you might think this seems a huge waste of water, but, apparently, just using the rim cycle without detergent for most dishwashers, only uses about one gallon of water, however, leaving a running force on in the sink uses about two gallons per minute, now, I don’t know about you, but, I don’t think I’ll be able to wash all these vegetables in thirty seconds, even though this idea started as a complete joke, I could actually be a genius, what do you guys think? *Music playing* Wengie: I don’t know about you, but, I generally like to keep my fridge pretty full, which can sometimes lead me forgetting about leftovers, only to find them bugs later! *Music playing* Wengie: Errr! *Music playing* Wengie: Another problem I have is trying to figure out what I’ve put at the back of the fridge, that doesn’t help if I’m sure, as well, so, instead of struggling to figure out what you put at the back of your fridge, six months ago, just use a Lazy-Susan! (Silence) Wengie: Just pop it on one compartment, and, put your sauces, or bottles, or whatever you want on it, now, whenever you want to grab something from the back, just give it a spin, vola, it’s right in front of you, this hack is honestly so good, and, kind of mesmerizing to look at, err, okay, moving on! *Music playing* Wengie: Don’t you hate it when your favourite shirt gets worn out, and holes start appearing? Hey, don’t judge, I love Batman okay, hey, so, basically, you gotta either stitch it up, or throw it out, I got a super, lazy hack for you guys, just take some duct tape, and, stick it on the inside of your shirt, and then, use a Sharpie to colour in the tape, this works best with black clothes, but, you can also use coloured Sharpies for coloured clothes, as well, just remember to remove the tape before you put in the wash! *Music playing* (Silence) Wengie: Uh, oh my gosh, no clean bowl, what am I gonna do? *Music playing* Wengie: This super, lazy hack is when you’re using the last serving of milk, but, cutting the top off your milk bottle, you now made your own cereal bowl with milk alright inside! *Music playing* Wengie: Then, when you’re done with eating, you can just throw your bowl away with no clean up, warning, the lazy meter is extremely high with this hack! *Music playing* Wengie: Who doesn’t love hash brown? But, cooking them in the oven when you’re in a rush in the morning, can really test your patience, and, hunger! *Music playing* Wengie: So, instead, an awesome way to save time, and effort, is to use a waffle maker instead, just pop your hash brown inside, and, it’ll be perfectly cooked in a few minutes, hmm, hash brown! *Music playing* Wengie: Uggh, so hungry! *Music playing* Wengie: I guess you’ll do for now! *Music playing* Wengie: What the? *Music playing* Wengie: Why do these tags even exist? Ugh, honestly! *Music playing* Wengie: There, that’ll teach you! *Music playing* Wengie: It’s super important to stay hydrated guys, but, don’t you find coffee tables really awkward, like, you gotta lean so far forward to pick up, and put down your cup, I dont know, it could just be me because I’m super lazy, but, it’s frustrating, right, so,I actually DIYed this huge, long straw out of several, small straws, just using some tape, now, I can sit back, and, drink whenever I want, without ever having to get up! *Music playing* Wengie: This hack also has another use as well, check this out! *Music playing* Wengie: I really don’t like putting away my clothes, but, I have a pretty cool shirt folding hack for those lazy people out there, you can basically fold any shirt in two seconds, just pick up your shirt here, and here, lift the corner up here, and then, pick it up here, and, you’re done! *Music playing* Wengie: Wanna see that again? *Music playing* Wengie: Now, that you’ve neatly folded all your clothes like a ninja, you can go back being a lazy blah! *Music playing* Wengie: I love watching shows on my laptop in bed, actually can’t even remember the last time I set down to watch something! *Music playing* Wengie: But, honestly, guys, after a while, I get tired no matter what position I’m in, either my neck gets sore, or my arms get tired! *Music playing* Wengie: But I’ve found these awesome ninety degrees viewing glasses online, and, I had to buy them, basically, you put them on, and, it lets you see things at a ninety-degree angle, so, you can lie completely flat, and still watch your favourite shows, without exerting any energy at all, #lazycornsforever, right! *Music playing* Wengie: They’re like so much fun, let me know which one is your favourite down below, and, let’s have a look at what happened on ReactiCorns, this week! *Music playing* Max: Check out the lady’s reflection in the mirror, you see an eerie face where you should see the back of her head! Wengie: Yeah, she looks like she’s looking back! Max: Dude, yeah you know, what! Wengie: Ohhh! Max & Wengie: That’s like her faces are double-sized, why she’s got another face behind her face! Wengie: Hey guys, well, the behind-the-scenes, and updates, don’t forget to follow me on social medias, they’re all here, or linked down below, love to see you guys there, and, I’m gonna miss you guys until next week, we’re gonna have a new video then, alright guys, bye, love you!

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