11 kid-friendly recipes for the school holidays

Forget arts and sports camps! These easy dishes will keep your kids entertained and tick off another thing on your to-do list during the school holidays.

 Spicy lamb pizza with pickled red onions (lahmacun)

Upgrade your frozen pizza nights with this Turkish pizza. Thin and crisp with a spicy lamb topping, the lahmacun is an easy do-it-yourself pizza that doesn’t require yeast or proving time. If you’re worried about your kids touching raw mince, get them to roll out the dough and sprinkle on the fresh toppings to finish.

Crunchy lemon & polenta shortbread flowers

Don’t tell anyone, but we like to pretend that our obsessive cookie cutter collecting is actually for the benefit of the kids in the family. Share the love by making these polenta shortbread cookies with them – no icing needed!

Campfire toasted bananas

Think s’mores without the graham crackers – these bananas act as a perfect vessel to hold gooey marshmallows and melted chocolate. No campfire? Turn on the bottom heat in your oven and watch these babies transform into an indulgent treat in minutes.

Pork pot-stickers

You might be thinking, “Surely making dumplings are too advanced for children!” But if you’ve seen asian family restaurants making trays of pot-stickers, you’ll know that kids are roped in early to help out. Start them young, we say!

Lebanese butter cookies (ghraybeh)

These cookies take just 20 minutes to prepare, and are easy for little hands to roll and shape! Serve with mint tea on the side for a non-caffeinated take on afternoon tea.

Gluten-free and dairy-free vanilla cupcakes

This recipe span all ages – older kids can make these cupcakes with just a little supervision, while the younger children will have a ball of a time piping on frosting (if they don’t eat it all first!). Bonus points: these cupcakes are the perfect party cake for kids (both big and small) when gluten and dairy needs to be avoided – no more missing out on the fun stuff!

Mini rolls with cheese (kifle sa sirom)

These Bosnian pastry rolls are filled with cheese, but can also be rolled with Frankfurt sausages , chocolate or jam. Get your kids rolling these up, and if you make a big batch, you can even freeze the leftovers for their school lunchboxes. #winning

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