3 Awesome Life Hacks

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Good idea bro, Good Work First, wrap tinfoil around a stick Make a tip at the top, as shown Then, bend the top Poke holes in it with a pin Poke holes in it with a pin Next, get a lighter and open it up Now, take off the top, metallic part as shown After that, you need to unscrew this small black piece at the top And just take the top pf the lighter apart After that is done, take out the cord (or wire, I’m not sure what it’s called ;P) Put the plastic on how it was, but not the black part Screw in the screws so it stays together Now, carefully take off this tiny shiny part at the top of the lighter Now, get the cord and tape it to the side of the lighter so it doesn’t get in the way Now, simply put the other cord thing into the tin foil Now Hot Glue it so it stays together (Parental Supervision is recommended) Get a bunch of iron rods and screws and screw them together as shown Ok, that’s all I am gonna contribute.

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