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Short hair can be more versatile than long hair and far quicker to style. You might think short hair can only been worn in one way but there are so many possibilities – even braids!

Today I’ve teamed up with the gorgeous Stacey, of staceyclare.com who is my model muse for styling short hair.

Hair Romance - 3 quick and easy ways to style short hair

Stacey’s really busy and usually doesn’t do much to her short hair. It dries exactly like this so she’s lucky and doesn’t have to do a lot to look fab. That’s the beauty of a great short cut. But if she wanted to change up her look, I’ve created three quick and easy styles that only take a few minutes to do.

3 quick and easy ways to style short hair

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Look 1 – Sleek chic

Hair Romance - 3 quick and easy ways to style short hair - sleek chic

This minimalist style always looks elegant and is a great sleek style to wear at night. It has a slight masculine feel but I always think of styles Charlize Theron wears like this that exude elegance.

Tips to styling this look:

  • Start with wet hair, and use a fine comb to create a neat part. If your hair is curly or frizzy I recommend straightening your hair before you begin this look.
  • Comb your hair forward and around your hair line and set it in place with a little gel or hairspray, whatever you have to hand will be fine.
  • A trick for this style is that it’s great in dirty hair. If you don’t have time to wash your hair, embrace it and go sleek.

Look 2 – Go BIG

Hair Romance - 3 quick and easy ways to style short hair - go big

Short hair doesn’t need to be flat. The trick to adding more volume is to go completely crazy and then tame it back down.

Tips to styling this look:

  • Blow dry your hair in the opposite direction and tease at the roots. Adding a little bit of volume powder helps to create long lasting volume.
  • Shape it your way – you can either leave your style up high in a quiff, or comb it over to the side with a little more volume.
  • Volume powder really helps to add shape and hold to this style. You can also use a hairspray or a little dry shampoo to add a little bit more volume into your normal, flat hairstyle.

Look 3 – Braid it!

Hair Romance - 3 quick and easy ways to style short hair - braids

Of course it was going be a braid!

Even in short hair you can do a simple braid to add a little bit more extra detail. Stacey really loved this look because it’s so different to what she’d normally wear.

Tips to styling this look:

  • Dutch braids are the reverse of French braids, instead of going over, you add hair under into the braid. This means the braid stands out on top of your hair. They also hold better in short hair or with layers.
  • You only need to do a couple of stitches of the braid in short hair. To finish it, pin at the end in place and then place some hair over the pin to hide it.
  • Twists and braids are a great way to keep your hair off your face on a hot day. If you hair isn’t holding, add a little dry shampoo. Braids work even better in dirty hair too!

Would like to see more styles for short hair? And what’s your favourite way to wear a short hair?

Thanks so much again to Stacey for helping with this video. Go check her site at staceyclare.com and say hi from me!

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