7 puestos de trabajo fáciles para ayudarle a ganar más dinero | Brian Tracy

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Muchos de nosotros disfrutaríamos de tener un poco de dinero extra para gastar en su cuenta bancaria. Pero si usted tiene un trabajo estable ganando un sueldo, las oportunidades para aumentar sus ingresos pueden parecer pocos y distantes entre sí. Hoy quiero compartir algunas maneras de que usted puede iniciar un negocio paralelo para ganar dinero extra para ahorrar o gastar.

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31 thoughts on “7 puestos de trabajo fáciles para ayudarle a ganar más dinero | Brian Tracy

  1. I look forward to hearing your ideas abut how you could benefit from making a little extra money in addition to your regular job. Share below and I’ll check back in later to read your comments. If you’re looking to increase your wealth, this free tool will help you get started: http://bit.ly/2yhq41T

  2. I found this company called Robinhood and I've been using them for almost a year now. It's free to trade using it and if you join through my referal they'll give us both a free random stock(could be an Apple stock worth about $155). Last free stock I got was feom a company called Groupon. It was only worth $5.10 at the time. I do love the app because all your trades are FREE!

    Research and see that it's true but if you join without clicking my referal link below, neither of us get a free stock!


  3. I know of a few easy side jobs that are not discussed regular online, but here are are few that are discussed on a regular.
    I looked into being a mobile notary public, the earning potential is lucrative. No special schooling or training required.
    Home cleaner or handy man with companies such as Handy.com. Its like the uber for home cleaning. This job is very flexible, you set your own hours. You can start earning $15 to $21 per hour with them. GoShare is another one. This is a delivery service if you own a van or truck. These are few and are flexible if you have a main job.

  4. I run my own contracting business which normally slows down during the holidays so I actually got a part time job with ups. I am planning to take advantage of the education assistance and the healthcare option. I appreciate the advice you give. It's helping me prepare for a comfortable life when I retire.

  5. the truth is that the best way to earn more money is to find ways to avoid income tax. the founding fathers were against income tax as they knew most tax on income is wasted on wars.

  6. Some universities have student working program. Students usually work in the dormitories or help the teachers. You can earn a lot for a university student by doing a little 🤗

  7. In a restaurant by providing customer service in a part time or if someone has expertise in fashion designing so they can make more contacts and let others to know about there skills and get orders and ready those by putting their ideas into it ,along with it keep a tailor who applies their ideas and will get ready those clothes according to expertise ideas . Give some profit to tailor while be more benefited to themselves .

  8. As a software developer I kind of disagree with #2. Developers seem to race towards the bottom on bidding websites and end up doing a LOT of work for too little pay. What makes things worse is that consumers now expect work to be done at those low prices and won't actually pay you anything remotely near what it cost to make something.

  9. Mr. Tracy, just wanted to quickly let you know that your self improvement books and seminars are largely responsible for the comfortable life that me and family enjoy. We appreciate you and just wanted to remind you of what you do on a daily basis. Help people that you've never met have meaningful and good lives.

  10. Please sir I am a very responsible girl but I'm in Nigeria and I don't really have what it takes to get most of these side jobs. I am honest please. Is there any way you can help? I am currently preparing for my law school. Pls help.

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