Baggy Rack – (6 Pack) Sandwich Bag Racks, Clip Food Storage Bags Onto Holder, Best Opener for Freezer & Storage Baggie – Ideal Plastic Kitchen, No Hassle Cooking Gadget Solutions For a Clean Pour

Is your kitchen counter a mess when putting your food into a food bag? Do you need a helping hand?

Here is the solution:

Our hand-free sandwich-storage bag opener.

  • A must-have sandwich plastic bag opener for your hands-free transfer of any food that needs storing.
    No big food containers needed just fill your food into the freezer bag, label and put in the freezer and that is just one use. Keep your freezer and refrigerator clutter-free and keep food from spilling.
    The bag rack was designed to improve your food storage abilities or to be able to do the food transfer yourself no helping hand needed.

Enjoy your food!

EASY TO USE: Fasten the freezer, storage or sandwich bags, any type of Ziploc bag under the clips and fill. The best practical plastic bag holder with bag clips. The cooking gadget is a fantastic kitchen assessor a must have kitchen essential.
MORE ABOUT: Non-slip rubber base to ensure food transfer into the bag without spill. The Gadget folds are done using it.
MEASUREMENT: Rack measures 8.75″ by 3.5″, adjustable in height to accommodate larger plastic bags and increase easy food storage
ADDITIONAL USAGE: Reuse your food storage bags by using the rack as a drying rag for your rinsed plastic bags
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Price: $29.99 - $27.45


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