Brand Focus: Canali*

You all know that I love an unwavering brand. One that stands true to values and quality, whether it be a young brand or one that has stood the test of time. We know that Canali is one of the latter, one that has stayed true to their Italian roots from the very beginning and is a leader for the Made in Italy label they so rightly deserve. It is a wonderful thing when a brand can continue to use the traditional methods, when items of clothing will all be made by hand for as long as it will produce a higher quality item, and this justifies the price if you appreciate this level of quality and craftsmanship.
Canali is an Italian icon. This is not a title earned only through high quality, but a culmination of craftsmanship and quintessential Italian style. From the sweaters to their shoes (seriously, the shoes!). Each year, their fashion shows depict themes that perfectly capture the zeitgeist; I, personally, have never seen them falter in this regard, and no, I wouldn’t necessarily mimic the exact styles shown on the catwalk, but I can see how their clothing would fit seamlessly into my ever-expanding wardrobe. What I also appreciate is that they don’t expect you to dress like the catwalks, and in The EditionCanali gives real life based style tips and outfit inspiration that is a lot more day-to-day suitable.
This is a brand that has been around for decades and will continue to persevere for some time to come, I’m positive. Also, I fully intend to get Canali into my wardrobe as soon as I can, hopefully in the form of their calfskin monkstrap shoes that I am deeply in love with. Although I’ll be honest, I’ve just moved to London and that level of expendable income is unlikely for a while yet, so feel free to let me live vicariously through you.
*Canali kindly sponsored me for this post, but gave me complete control over what to say and write. This, as always, hasn’t changed my opinions in any way.

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