Building a Homemade Spacecraft

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Anyone with some brains and lots of courage can build their own space rocket using everyday, off-the-shelf products. We recently flew to Denmark to meet the founders of Copenhagen Suborbitals, a non-profit open-source D.I.Y. space endeavor.

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33 thoughts on “Building a Homemade Spacecraft

  1. I actually tried doing this with my pet rats when i was 17 back in 2009, but i actually killed about 3 dozen rats and was reported to the RSPCA. I was also fined for launching projectiles into the airspace of flight paths used by Blackpool airport so all things considered it was a complete failure and i was forced to give up on my dreams

  2. Peter Madsen is currently under investigation for killing and chopping up a Swedish journalist on his submarine.
    VICE people who was alone with him… Consider yourself lucky. Just saying 😛

  3. peter "rocket" madsen has been charged with manslaughter for the murder of female reporter, kim wall, stating she died in an accident during the submarine trip, yet danish police discover proof that peter deliberately attempted to keep her death a secret. He severed the woman's head and extremities as well as bind her remains with heavy metal in an attempt to keep what was left anchored to the ocean bed.

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