Cash for Kim: North Korean Forced Laborers in Poland

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VICE gained exclusive access to documents that reveal the wages of North Korean laborers in Poland before the Kim regime’s deductions.

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42 thoughts on “Cash for Kim: North Korean Forced Laborers in Poland

  1. well done vice ! what's next… Israeli reporting on death toll in Palestine ? for real ! and it should start.. right behind me you can see Gdynia port city my grandfather with his friends from Wehrmacht turned into ruin…

  2. Many years of labor/contracting and construction/demolition; I'll tell you that it's brutal work, even willingly done in hermetic conditions with all the 'comforts' of homeland, and essentially 'freedom of choice'.
    Handling those materials, like the endless rebar and wet steel and concrete; under some asshole dictator pig- would be a walking, living nightmare.
    I'm a person of practical prejudice universally. But no one should be slaving and have their life ripped off. Well, except for one "race" who claims and proclaims SVPREMACY over ALL. Especially the White Goy.
    Slavery is paradise for what they deserve.
    Maybe purposeless slavery; like digging dirt into piles. And then transferring it to the opposite dig sight. Fill in holes freightliner sized holes, till, and repeat digging and re-transfer.

    Koreans deserve better than this.
    Of course they're 'okay' with it. They know no different.
    Lack of Integrity by Heads of Operations; example, money pigs — shall be shot in the face.
    If you don't want to act like a human, you can assume the role of dirt.

  3. Polish people would be the best nazzis if only they were not their victims in the past. They seem to forget what happened so now they start to be what they deep inside want to be.

  4. Thanks Germany for your objective reporting. What you failed to mention is that Communist nations like North Korea and Vietnam have had a relationship with Poland spanning over 60 years (since we were sold out). My mother fondly recalls the North Korean and Vietnamese students at her university. While yes the conditions are not ideal, they are much better then they would have been in North Korea. And as xenophobic as Poland is painted to be, we always welcome our North Korean and Vietnamese friends because they are hard working, determined , and open to assimilation. You have fun with your North Africans and Turks, we will continue to employ and embrace North Koreans, Vietnamese and Ukrainian migrants.

  5. I think Poland is not to blame. At least they have a chance to escape. They don't take welfare, they don't commit crime, they don't need background checks like Migrants from Middle East. They come in Poland and work 12h to make Poland richer. Poland should do whatever it can to help those people, to make an example of proper government, and not hide from this hot topic. Not many big opportunities to 'lead by example' and to be 'beacon of liberty' for Polish government, so they should seize this one.

  6. Why don't they tell the poor workers that what they're experiencing is not okay and they should get paid and shouldn't have to work those hours. Otherwise they go on thinking its normal with no thought of escape

  7. And those laborers, who are human beings like the rest of us, will return home knowing first hand the way the rest of the world lives. They will speak of these things to their families. The word will spread. The citizens of NK will eventually put lil kimmy in a box and open the border to the south.

  8. This is very important. If companies are paying indirectly for these workers they are probab ly breaching EU and other sanctions laws. Secondly here in the UK under our new Modern Slavery Act it is a legal obligation to ensure there is no slavery right up your supply chain so if off shore platform ships were mended there in Poland by these workers there could be a breach of that legislation. British companies need to check right down to who is working on the ship – not just accept assurances from intermediate contractors.

  9. That kowalska bitch needs to rot in hell. Typical fucking bitch. Exploiting people for money, i hope her luxury lifestyle is worth it, selling your morals like that

  10. This is human trafficking and the worst part is the North Koreans cannot defect as their families will be harmed back in North Korea. They have no exit, no choice, no escape. Terrible!!!!!!!! I am beyond ashamed to be Polish. Wake up people, this is HORRIBLE.

  11. 26:40 How can you be so evil? To try and convince Western media that the North Koreans are happily eating pizza with their Polish comrades, taking every second week off when there is solid proof that they are forced labourers, torn away from their families and living on scraps and in hovels? All these lies just to try and maintain a high position in Armex? How low can you be as a person as to put your extra bit of prestige and cash per year above the devastated lives of thousands of workers? This journalist collected proof that one North Korean collected the pay for many whilst she lies and creates fantasy stories that Koreans are "counting their notes" upon payment all to try and convince Western media that the North Koreans are living in prosperity when they are being forced through hell for her benefit and the benefit of the brutal, sadistic North Korean regime? Completely disgusting, vile woman and her pathetic lackey in the white shirt trying to earn brownie points backing her up. If there were fewer scumbags like this trying to help Kim Jong Un for their own financial gains and more trying to help put an end to this like this reporter the Korean problem will be put to rest for good much, much sooner.

  12. damn i thought Poland was legit banning refugees and not having any terrorist attacks, but i guess they got north korean labor camps north korea and all these corrupt pussy countries need to be purged.

  13. You can bet your life that someone from the N.Korean ministry went to pay a visit to,the Polish government,the minister of labour,the town mayor and the factory owner to collect big wads of cash,Then, maybe he also collected a few bribes to keep quiet with some news outlets. Well,not this incident since it was released! That one N.K slave death braught in a lot of cash. None of witch went to his own family. I'm sure the regime hope for deadly accident cuz they pay well!!!

  14. To continue, when war breaks out and a nuclear bomb dropped by North Korea on whoever we can say we made that, we paid for that and we condone that type of dictator. Not to mention the poor hard working bastards who get nothing.

  15. Just shows you that big/rich/corrupt companies are left by the EU and the governments to get away with this because our politicians are weak minded and just as bad. The whole of the EU has stepped back in time when it comes to the poorer people. Lets just go back to Dickensian living with work houses, hangings and the class system.

  16. You know those 600+ Euros sent back didn't go to that dead guys family Kim used it to buy ice cream and cookies. Also all the country's allowing the North Koreans to work in there borders to send money back to Kim should be treated as hostile and have sacnctions put on them. The people who are morally corrupt and down right stupid enough to employ slaves and help a man who wants to build nukes to DESTROY THE WEST ( U.S.A and Europe) should be excuited or put in prison for the rest of there life. I truly despise y'all and cannot for the life of me understand why y'all would help a regime like this. Same on you!

  17. The journalists risk their lives to record these for us to see these forced slave laborers talk about their side of the story so I wondered at the caption 0:20 "It would be better for me if we didn't speak." if the governments come to watch these videos and successfully back track the people who have talked about their abuse and got thrown in prison. Though they are probably threatened before going to work not to talk to journalists or they and their whole family are killed.

  18. Old. I'm not watching this episode and here's why:
    The reporter started speaking in German with subtitles which was fine. Then he started speaking English with his heavy accent and I literally have to try to understand what he's saying. Later, I'm gonna go watch Vsause.

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