Como faço dinheiro de casa!

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Todas as maneiras pelas quais eu faço uma renda a tempo inteiro de casa! Além disso, nome do canal atualizado!

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21 thoughts on “Como faço dinheiro de casa!

  1. Woah, nice nature paintings! The ones with tree/forest trunks really speak to me. Shame they seem to be all sold out! Can you do more videos on your art creation process, inspiration, etc please?

  2. Both my parents immigrated here and I had a very modest (but amazing!) upbringing and watched my parents struggle. It motivated me to work very hard to build my wealth and succeed in my career and businesses. It definitely came with sacrifices and a lot of ups and downs. I hit bottom very early on in my career, and had some very good mentors in business who helped show me what works and what doesn't afterwards. Unfortunately, most discouragement in your efforts to build wealth often come from those closest to you :P. Great video, Lauren! A very positive message and also great info on how multiple income streams can build your $$$ 😀

  3. Your paintings are phenomenal!!!! I love the snow and sunlight series. I can't wait till I'm out of school and could actually afford art like that!!! Do you sell prints of your work??

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