Cómo ganar dinero viajando continuamente

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Esta es una pregunta que se plantea mucho y quise intentar responderla lo mejor que pueda. He ganado dinero de varias maneras en el pasado (diseño web, edición de video) y ahora es mi blog y medios sociales de los que hago mi dinero. Esto es actualmente cómo puedo permitirme viajar continuamente.
Ah, y también gracias especiales a YouTube Tailandia por dejarme com a la graduación YouTube Nextup Bangkok! Fue increíble conocer a algunos Thai YouTubers!



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Cómo hacer el dinero que viaja – DIARIO VLOG 6 // Episodio 226

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Los viajes han cambiado mi vida y no tengo planes de detenerme en cualquier momento pronto.

Es por eso que ahora estoy corriendo este video blog que le muestra cómo viajar por el mundo continuamente


¿Cómo aprendiste a editar?
Yo me enseñe. Descargé Premiere Pro y comencé a averiguar cómo usarlo a través de prueba y error. Mis videos fueron bastante mal al principio, pero finalmente, y con la ayuda de muchos tutoriales, empiezas a averiguar qué funciona.

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¿Qué trabajo estás haciendo?
Empecé a correr este video blog mientras hacía el diseño web y edición de vídeo independiente para complementar mi estilo de vida viajero. Ahora confío exclusivamente en este blog para generar ingresos a través de publicidad, enlaces de afiliados y oportunidades de patrocinio.

¿Cómo conoce a la gente en sus videos?
Hostales, casas de huéspedes y conversaciones! Conoces gente tan fácilmente mientras viajas. Sólo tienes que abrirte y conocerás todo tipo de gente increíble.
¿Dónde vives?
En este momento, viajo por el mundo continuamente y por lo tanto no tienen una base permanente o hogar en cualquier lugar. No estoy seguro de cuánto tiempo va a ser la situación, pero ahora mismo sólo quiero seguir viajando.

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44 thoughts on “Cómo ganar dinero viajando continuamente

  1. i think nothing is better than travelling…….you can learn people…learn the world…your angle of seeing the around expands….man your life is awesome….and believe me one day i will explore out with a camera and back pack just like you to learn people and to learn me…love from rahat

  2. I do sneaker vlogs and gaming gameplay commentaries! I wish I could travel like you but I don't have the money. Please check out my channel if you are interested in that stuff! I do make sure my videos are in 1080p HD and are visually pleasing. So please give my channel a look!

  3. I know a guy who makes a buttload of fake websites and plasters them with advertisements and gets payed a certain amount of money based on how often they are clicked. Also, he has a button on each website that says "go back" and when a person clicks on it it takes them to amazon and if a person purchases an item after doing so he gets payed a certain amount of money lol.

  4. Hi, thank you for the great tips! I want to ask a questions , How did you manage to convince company to sponsored you? or are they the one who approach you first?. Thanks keep up the good work Jord 🙂

  5. Nice meeting with you at the graduation party! I'm trying to watch your videos as much as possible because your editing skill is sooooooooo good! Learning a lot from you here! 😀 Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks for doing this Jord, I've been wondering about a few of these things lately. Also wondering what you do regarding bank accounts, sim cards and forwarding mail?

  7. dude, i freaking love how real you are and your "no bullshit" style. i get a really honest and authentic vibe from your videos, never change that man, no matter how "big" you get on social media. hope to meet you soon my friend!

  8. Seeing you in a vest and heat whilst I'm in thermals with -5C weather is not the one. You've definitely been an inspiration to me to travel continuously – aim is to do it full time in the very near future! We need a catch up when you're back!

  9. hi Jord…been following for awhile now and been listening on how you make money but im interested in your outgoing expenses like tax you might have to pay, yearly insurance costs, how many accounts you need and do you need several in different countries? any Superannuation? any 'hidden costs' of international transactions. safe travels mate.

  10. Awesome its a joy to see people like myself who broke free from the a regular lifestyle and finding freedom to do what ever they wish 🙂 Check your youtube inbox hope you find it useful on your Journey sir 🙂 add it to your income stream 🙂

  11. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips. I'd never thought of the possibility of busking to fund traveling. I wonder how well freerunning would do as a busking possibility. Thanks for giving me a new perspective on the life of a traveler.

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