Dinheiro Fazendo Ganhar Dinheiro Rápido Pokemon X e Y

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Ganhar Dinheiro Ganhar Dinheiro Rápido Pokémon X e Y irá mostrar-lhe a maneira mais rápida de ganhar dinheiro em Pokémon X e Y. Vamos levá-lo por onde ir, o que equipar, e a quantidade exata de dinheiro que você pode esperar para obter através do processo de criação de dinheiro em pokemon x e y.

Em apenas 11 voltas, você pode fazer mais de US $ 250.000 em Pokémon X e Y, que é, de longe, uma das maneiras mais rápidas de ganhar dinheiro no pokemon x e y. Quando há lojas na cidade de Lumiose pedindo centenas de milhares de dólares por uma camisa simples, ter um método para ganhar muito dinheiro rápido pode ser realmente importante em Pokémon X e Y.


21 thoughts on “Dinheiro Fazendo Ganhar Dinheiro Rápido Pokemon X e Y

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  5. with luck incense or amulet coin prize money opower 3 on all of them first two battles
     60,480+ 60,480 the last 3 will give 24,192+ 24,192+ 24,192 = 193536 total +
    $156,250 balm=349,786 total

  6. if you sold your amulet coin go to coumarine city than go to shop for incense vendor buy a luck incense near the berry stand. if you have bargain opower you can get 10% level 1. 25% level 2. 50% off level 3. depending what bargain opower you use.to get bargain opower go to hotel richissime talk to Mr bonding to get it.

  7. is this a good team?
    Aegislash – Sacred sword, shadow sneak, kings shield, swords dance.
    Delphox – Psychic, flamethrower, shadow ball, sunny day.
    Roserade – Giga drain, venoshock, energy ball, toxic.
    Quagsire – Surf, earthquake, waterfall, ice punch.
    Aurorus – Freeze dry, thunderbolt, ancient power, hypervoice.
    Jolteon – Thunderbolt, volt switch, shadow ball, thunderwave.

  8. Although the chateau invites can be expensive, with exp and money O powers, you can make back your money in about 15-30 min if you specifically battle the gym leaders/elite four+champion and the kimono girls if you are looking for easy experience. worked for me.

  9. …I've watched 3 let's players and 2 guide makers, all male.
    They use the female trainer.
    A few friends (mostly boys) and my brother play this game.
    They use the female trainer.
    Some of my house-mates started playing pokemon again.
    They use the female trainer.
    I almost feel weird being a guy who uses the male trainer.

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