Far Cry 4 – Wie man Geld schnell und leicht ohne das Spiel zu schlagen – $ 300,000 in 3 Minuten !!

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In diesem Video zeige ich Ihnen eine sehr einfache Möglichkeit, in ein wenig Zeit eine Menge Rupien zu machen. Danke fürs zuschauen!

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41 thoughts on “Far Cry 4 – Wie man Geld schnell und leicht ohne das Spiel zu schlagen – $ 300,000 in 3 Minuten !!

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  4. The best way to make fast ruppees is to go to any leopard territory with a recurve bow and throw bait and kill the leopard with one arrow to the head or neck, collect about 30 to 40 skins to earn about 400k

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  6. there is also another way, if you renovate the ghale homestead with the garden, take all the plants then fast travel to an outpost and then the homestead  and the plants will have respawned so if you have the x2 plants it will make alot of money or leaves fo crafting

  7. Nice vid, it's better to go to leopard territory because their skin is worth the most just saying… And what's the method after the game that's good for getting money?.

  8. If youre earlier on in the game without an auto cross go to the first place you find clouded leopards and do the same thing essentially. 8,000$ a skin and unlimited spawning, theyre a one shot in the head with the recurve and since its a bow you get double skins. Easy max wallet

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