Ganhar Dinheiro RÁPIDO no Pokemon ORAS!

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Pokemon ORAS guia rápido de produção de dinheiro.
Blunty revela seu truque rápido para pokedollars rápidos neste guia de criação de dinheiro para Pokemon Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby
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27 thoughts on “Ganhar Dinheiro RÁPIDO no Pokemon ORAS!

  1. Love that you've started doing more Pokemon related content. I can't wait until you receive your capture rig! 🙂 hopefully we see it used on here too as well as twitch! Thanks for the informative video!

  2. Holy shit the stacks of cash! But I think I'll be mainly using the cash to get me started on grinding the Elite 4. Still very helpful so thanks mate :3

  3. Having a Rayquaza with a double money item and a Groudon with the mega stone basically means you can run through the Elite 4 without getting hit once, with a little practice on knowing which moves hit what. Takes about 15-20 minutes and you get about 110 thousand, if not more (including O-powers). This method is pretty simple, but, I guess it comes down to preference at some points.

  4. Re-battling Interviewers Gabby and Ty is faster. Default 4,080 and they can be re-battled constantly as long as you agree to the interview and let them move on to the next of the three places they appear (Routes 111, 118, and 120 in that order) and the place you land in each Route is almost directly next to them.

    Of course, you also don't want to be Soaring if your intention is to gain it quickly. The longer custscenes alone are a waste of time, let alone the time it takes to fly there manually when you can just directly click the places with Fly.

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