Haitian Migrants Stranded In Tijuana

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Over the past year, 16,000 Haitians arrived at the Mexico-U.S. border seeking asylum. The majority of these Haitian migrants made a months-long journey across Central and South America from Brazil, where they had settled after fleeing the devastation of the 2010 earthquake in their homeland. The journey north was not easy; it was long, expensive, and extremely dangerous. The trip meant crossing 10 countries by foot, bus and boat, dealing with human smugglers and corrupt police.

The U.S. had once welcomed Haitians, but with an estimated 40,000 of them en route, former President Barack Obama, and now President Donald Trump, refused to let them cross the border. Migrants were left waiting in Mexico for months before U.S. immigration officials would even look at their cases. Now, as Trump has further closed off America’s borders, thousands of them are stranded in Mexico, straining the country’s resources.

VICE News went to Tijuana to see how the city is adjusting and how the Haitians are adjusting.

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25 thoughts on “Haitian Migrants Stranded In Tijuana

  1. This is a huge mistake. The lady said it herself, these are economic migrants. As soon as the word gets out that Mexico gives free housing and help etc more will come. Not just Haitians but all the other countries too. They should legalize them but tighten migration and make sure they are not allowing just whoever inside.

  2. The Haitian Christopher.. the type of immigrant you can tell would be a good add to a nation. Hope he settles well into Mexico. In Mexico we are so prideful that once his second generation comes we cant even see race. He will just be a more tanned Mexican than I. That type of integration I could never find in the US.

  3. Let THEM STAY! What goes around comes around! If Mexico doesnt like it well too bad! Mexicans did the same in The United States so now its their turn to get more "Illegal" Immigrants! DEAL WITH IT! AVER SI SE LES QUITA LO RACISMO PINCHE CABRONES!

  4. This is absolutely disgusting, I can't even watch this video. Why is Mexico giving Haitians priority when Mexico has millions of people living in poverty. 10 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FROM MEXICO ARE IN THE U.S LOOKING FOR WORK, Millions more Mexican live in poverty in Mexico, Thousands of Mexicans dying due to DRUG CARTEL VIOLENCE, hundreds of Mexican kids begging for money in the streets of Tijuana,  Women resorting to prostitution to make money. Than the Mexican government let's 16,000 Haitians into Mexico, lets them consume resources that should be use to help poor Mexicans, gives them houses and jobs. Does this make sense to anybody? Do Mexicans even know how economics works?

  5. A lot of Haitians in Ayiti have been fed false informations about the US and Canada. I often hear my father arguing with his relatives, who have such an idealistic image of the North.

  6. Oh no!!! Vile americans… How DARE you not let those people in? You have solved every problem you have, you are living in perfect utopian society with no homeless, poor or criminals. TAKE EVERYONE IN

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