How We Make Money & RV 🚐💸 Full Time RV Living & Income While RVing

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How We Make Money & RV 🚐💸 Full Time RV Living

People ask us how we make money and afford RV life more than any other question. In this video we explain our sources of income on the road.

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We’re Kyle & Olivia, a young couple traveling the country full time in our 16ft vintage camper. We work from the road with our online Etsy shop, where we sell antique maps and prints. We hit the road in September of 2015 and continue to share our experiences as we learn and grow. Our goal is to live a minimal lifestyle and connect with the world around us. Join us as we discover the joys and obstacles of life on the road!

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26 thoughts on “How We Make Money & RV 🚐💸 Full Time RV Living & Income While RVing

  1. I'm a mortgage systems administrator and can work from home so that is the plan but will have to stay in the spots with internet and work 50+ hours, which will be limiting 🙁   I like the "vibe tribe"!

  2. My husband and I took our corporate jobs (different companies) on the road with us. The main advantage to keeping the jobs is that we have full benefits: healthcare, insurance, 401K, etc. It can be a drag sometimes because we always need to have reliable internet and we have to work traditional hours. We've decided to cut back to half-time at the end of this year so we can enjoy our travels more.

  3. I'm surprised you are not doing small bar/restaurant gigs playing music. I know they don't pay well but even if it's a few beers and a couple of meals you don't have to pay for, that's OK.

  4. Second comment this post – most unusual for me! But I wanted to add: I just listened to samples of your album and I really enjoyed them. You two have a varied sound, at times somewhat like Sade. I like it and have added it to my Christmas list! Great job, guys! I can visualize myself cruising down the road in my RV life, jamming on some of your tunes. Keep em coming…

  5. Hi guys, Ron and I enjoy your videos. Have question..for you to get any revenue from ads how long do they need to be watched? Occasionally will watch an interesting ad all the way but usually once it can be skipped we click out of it. Would you get anything when we do that? Enjoy your day!!

  6. That was the best explanation of how you earn a living on the road. I have listened to many RV vlogger's explain this but none have been as specific as you were. Thanks.

  7. Not a good strategy for many (most?); but I make money on the road by 1) an investment system where I only have to be online a couple times per month (primary) & 2) when I have GOOD, strong, reliable internet for a few consecutive days I trade currencies/stocks (supplemental).. Between the two, I bring in enough to pay expenses and usually put a little aside for the future (emergencies/upgrades/etc.).

  8. Thanks for the great information!  I look forward to your weekly videos as we prepare to go full time in June. I'm a Realtor and hope to work as a virtual assistant when we hit the road. My hubby is a high school math teacher and we are looking at various things for him to do. I would love to see a video on how you pack your fridge and prepare meals. I know y'all like one pot meals and that's why we will be taking our instant pot with us. Thanks again!

  9. Hubby will still be working his full-time job from the road and I sell Norwex part time. It's a company that sells green cleaning products. 27 more days until escrow closes and we hit the road!

  10. Thx again for sharing! I am a freelance graphic designer by day (and hope to in part continue this) when me my dog make it to full time rv life.. Your videos on Boondocking, expenses and etc have helped me realize it's doable.. I do pet portraits and art as well and am hoping to Learn more about ETSY.. anyways.. thanks and we hope to see you out there someday! SOON! lol – if there are any other designers, artist, crafters and creative types out there – I think we can do this! Let's go for it!

  11. you are great people, some many scam and beg on the RV channels, it's good to see you trying to be honest with us. I cross country RV all the time in a 23 foot class c and motorcycle on back, retired though.

  12. I plan to launch full-time into the RV life in 2022, after my youngest child graduates high school. In preparation for that goal, I am developing what I hope will eventually turn into multiple streams of income: an online business performing various programming and administrative functions, freelance writing, photography, marketing, and some sales. I am simultaneously working on paying down debt so that I can enter into the lifestyle as debt-free as possible. As I have another five years, I feel that I have a good solid foundation being established, one that should sustain my desired lifestyle.

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