It’s time for women to run for office | Halla Tómasdóttir

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With warmth and wit, Halla Tómasdóttir shares how she overcame media bias, changed the tone of the political debate and surprised her entire nation when she ran for president of Iceland — inspiring the next generation of leaders along the way. “What we see, we can be,” she says. “It matters that women run.”

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37 thoughts on “It’s time for women to run for office | Halla Tómasdóttir

  1. I am a male, and I generally dislike Identity politics, but judging by the crappy misogynist comments below, I guess the identity discussions need to continue…

  2. Hi TED. I can't find any info on a 'TEDmen' conference. Also when I search the topic of Men on the TED website, there are only 9 videos. When I searched Women, there are 109 videos… Where's the equality??

  3. I was surprised to not read any Trump jokes like "Americans said nope it's time for Trump" but their last election may be an example of just more women also need to vote. The women ratio in their last election was very low, Trump wins and millions of women march to the streets outraged. I am not saying Clinton was the right choice, but Trump is a very scary choice. I am normally not pick one of two evils, but republicans said they'd much rather Hilary in office. Telling me you would have had a office at least somewhat working together and not with Trump the Hitler wannabe. Too harsh? too dramatic?

    But yes this is more feminism bs. It's time for qualified individuals to run for office, no matter the race, gender, sexuality etc

  4. Thumbs Down on this Feminazi nonsense !! Ohh, look at me, I am a woman, vote for me because I have a vagina. Great election campaign slogan, as we have seen Hillary Clinton do. Retarded.

  5. Will boys grow up with the option of choosing parenthood even if their not the biological father? When will boys in the West be able to get an education?

    White women in the West are the most privileged class of society in the history of our planet!

  6. TED, what is wrong with you now days? you were the channel I grew up with which taught me a lot about science and inspired me to pursue my dreams. Now all you do is give voice to people who just complain and talk pure nonsense.
    Definitely unsubscribing.

  7. I love how majority of the comments hating on this video is from men… People commenting " No one is preventing them from running", stereotypes and oppression of women is stopping them . Majority of the people in office are men and its not because they are qualified.. Because of the way gender roles have been set up, young girls and women feel that they shouldn't run even if they are qualified… To address the comments saying that " TED needs to stop shoving feminism down our throat and how TED talks used to be intellectual ".. shut up.. do you understand the entire goal of feminism? its equality. and until that is fully achieved( or at least mostly since there are always going to be some dicks in the world) then feminism is needed… TED is on the right side of history.. They're having speakers talk about issues that are valid and 100% needed…

  8. it doesn't matter who is elected. men or woman. we're all controlled. and it's all a terrible mess. if women make fun or bash on Men I will ruturn fire. it's only fair. so keep your opinions to yourself and get to work and make life better for earth. do separate gender, we all got that and understand the difference. stop the whining.

  9. she's playing the gender card and doesn't even know it. Oh I lost BECAUSE I'm a woman. It's a defence mechanism. Oh it can't be because I'm not very good, it must be because ummm It's because I'm a woman!!! They're sexist against me!!!!!! Don't come out and give talks telling us about your defence mechanisms.

  10. I think many people here are dilly-dallying and stigmatising her for being a woman speaking in favour of woman empowerment to a women audience. But I think you are a bit unfair because you don't pay attention to what she is saying. She is not insulting anybody or trying to get women replace men. she is just saying that women should try to run for president regardless of many male entrenched traditions for this kind of office. That's it.

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