There is one thought that has been plaguing my mind for so long that I literally stopped doing what I thought I loved doing the most – Blogging. I’m making this post after almost a month and if you ask me if I missed it, I can’t really be sure. I can’t be sure because I no longer know if you guys like reading contents on blogposts anymore.

When you started checking my blog, what was it that you looked for?

Was it to read what I write, what I wore or to get links of where I buy the products I’m wearing from?

Before I started blogging, I wanted to check other blogs to know more about the product the blogger blogged about, to get links of some of the things that I wanted to buy that I saw someone, who influenced me, was wearing. But lately I see social media posts already do the Brand tagging help for us. So why do you guys want to come to my blog?



I’m wearing:

Genteel Double-breasted Blazer and Shorts Set in Rosy Brown : Chicwish

Bag: Gucci Dionysus

Heels: Koovs


On my Lips:

MAC Matte Liquid Lipstick: Espresso

I sometimes feel depressed, if I can be honest about my feelings. My blog started as a personal journal where I could write thoughts that I felt I could share publicly, but I no longer find that drive to write as much as I wanted to before. Why spend so much effort in making a blogpost when all that does a work is one Instagram or a Facebook photo? And to be honest, it saddens me to the extent of how blogging is now considered in this industry. And while I know a lot of people don’t have the time and interest to read everything on a blogpost, I just feel instagramming is not blogging. But that is what a blogger is now deemed as. Someone who has a good following on social media. Not someone who writes and shares things through his/ her blog.

I juggled between these thoughts for one whole month. Is it worth it to put so much effort on creating a non sponsored post, such as this one, when no one really gives a rats ass to visit my blog?

Is it worth it to spend my time and energy and money creating content for my blog when all that is required is a picture on my social media?

But then, I realised that not many information can be shared through a tiny caption slot every social media provides. Neither can I call myself an influencer if my power to influence is restricted to the tiny box limit of a social media platform. Having said that, I will blog.. regardless of whether it is a paid or a non paid content because this is precisely why I left my job, years back. And if you support me, I urge you to come spend sometime on my blog, see my efforts that I spent hours creating, to give me the boost to create more looks for you, which I feel will help you style yourself at some point in your life. And having said that, since I bared my feelings, my thoughts for you all, I urge you to comment, lets keep the engagement going so we understand one another, because in this virtual world, a 2 mins support I need from you in the form of a comment is all that a blogger needs to keep going. To understand what my readers want and to know what content I need to create that you would like. And with that I end my rant here.

Pen drop.


Nilu Yuleena Thapa.

Article Source: BIG hair LOUD mouth |Indian Streetstyle Fashion Blog by Nilu Yuleena Thapa

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