Product Review: Taylor Kitchen Timer and Alarm Clock

This is a quick unboxing and product review of the Taylor Kitchen Timer and Alarm Clock, which can be purchased at Target, or other fine stores.
The numbers are bigger and fatter than the fake sticker shows, which is a plus. Using the timer is fairly straight forward, but you’re limited to 99 minutes, 59 seconds, or 1 hour, 40 minutes (said 1 hour, 10 minutes, which is wrong).
Operation of the timer does have one flaw, which is a 1-second lag between hitting zero, and the “buzzer”. When time elapses, hitting “Start/Stop” will reset the timer to whatever value you started with. Hitting the “Min” and “Sec” together will reset to zero.
Setting the clock and alarm is a bit awkward, and that awkwardness can make it a little challenging to set up, but can easily be overcome. Alarm on the alarm clock is the exact same beep the timer gives off when time expires (as in, same pattern, no variation).
Overall, it’s a good product, and does its main purpose well. Keep in mind, if you have precise cooking needs, to keep that 1 second lag to the buzzer, in mind.

The timer can be laid flat on a table, but is a bit “rocky”. There are 2 small magnets on the back, to place it on the refrigerator, or other magnetic appliance/surface. There is no stand to hold it up on its own.

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