Recent Beauty Tries

I tried some new beauty products recently, and I wanted to do a quick review to share my thoughts!

  1. Essie TLC (treat, love, color) in  Sheers to You. It’s a very sheer, I REPEAT VERY SHEER, pink shade with iridescence mixed in. Upon first swipe I thought,”this is a dud” but after I applied 3 coats, I liked the result. I avoid shimmer in my nail polish entirely, but this is a nice addition to a sheer color. It’s supposed to hide flaws better too, and it certainly does that. Ultimately, I can live without it and actually found that the tips of my nails were a bit softer than I’d hoped.
  2. fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream. If you heard an angel chorus right after you read that line, it was me from North Carolina. This is great. GREAT I tell you. You know I’m madly in love with the fresh Lotus Youth Preserve with Super 7 Complex face cream for every day. This is an amped up version of that for deeper, noticeable hydration with a rose scent. It’s perfect for winter, dry skin. I’m a huge fan.
  3. fresh Black Tea Firming Corset Cream. I saw this at Sephora a few weeks ago and it didn’t interested me too much, but then it arrived on my doorstep. So, I tried it. I was expecting to feel a bit more firmness initially, but I didn’t. Ultimately, I compared it to the fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream and that won by a million miles. If you are looking for a firming cream, I’ve been so pleased with fresh that you may like this one, but personally it didn’t blow me away.

Just so you know, I’m on a handful of lists for mailings of new product releases from certain brands. Fresh is one of those brands, so those products I mentioned were sent as gifts, under no obligation to share about them whatsoever. I love reviewing products here as a way to help, and this post was not sponsored. 

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