Redox Reactions: Crash Course Chemistry #10

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All the magic that we know is in the transfer of electrons. Reduction (gaining electrons) and oxidation (the loss of electrons) combine to form Redox chemistry, which contains the majority of chemical reactions. As electrons jump from atom to atom, they carry energy with them, and that transfer of energy is what makes all life on earth possible.

**Special Thanks to Matt Young at the University of Montana (Geosciences Department, Environmental Biogeochemistry Lab) who helped with the chemical demonstrations.**

Oxidation 1:42
Reduction 1:03
Oxidation Numbers 3:29
Redox Reactions 5:59
Oxidation Reactions 6:28
Balancing Oxidation Reactions 7:18

Also thank you to the following chemistry teachers for assistance:
James Sarbinoff
Rachel Wentz
Edi González
Lucas Moore
Chris Conley
Addie Clark
Julia Rosinski

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39 thoughts on “Redox Reactions: Crash Course Chemistry #10

  1. It hurts me to see how much he says in a single breath. It feels just like watching a movie where a character goes underwater, and you try to hold your breath as much as them…

  2. 4:56 "unless they [halogens] are bonded to fluorine or oxygen, cause fluorine and oxygen … could make anybody's oxidation number positive" can someone please explain/elaborate on that?

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