Tatar Nation: The Other Crimea

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Crimea’s Tatars — who amount to 12 percent of the peninsula’s 2.2 million residents — overwhelmingly boycotted the March 16th referendum for Crimea to become part of Russia. The Tatar’s bad history with Russia was a major factor of their decision, as Stalin persecuted and deported them en masse from the Crimean Peninsula in 1944. After the collapse of the Soviet Union Tatars trickled back into Crimea, but their status there was always temporary. With Crimea’s much-disputed status as part of Russia following the referendum, the future of the Tatars is a big question mark. VICE News’ Simon Ostrovsky spent some time with Tatars in Simferopol in the week leading up to the referendum to get their side of the story.

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39 thoughts on “Tatar Nation: The Other Crimea

  1. Ok. According to the comments the whole of Russia is a brainwashed mass following Putin. This shows a lack of an ability to view things from a different perspective. Russia like all countries has a different view on history. To them stalin was a brutal but necessary leader (not all Russians either). Think instead of reacting the moment you see something that conflicts with your set of facts. The Russians see Stalins gains and successes outweigh the failures and losses. Let us not forget the millions of Africans Polynesians Asians Native Americans that perished in the name of expanding "civilisation".

  2. Don't believe a word from (((Ostrovsky))) he ain't Russian or any type of Slav. It ain't their homeland either no homeland in Aryan lands for Turkic asiatiques.

  3. I want to bring in some historical perspective here. Prior to the conquest of the Khanate of Crimea in 1774 by Catherine the Great, the primary economic activity of the Tatars was the slave trade. For centuries tens of thousands of Russians, Ukrainians, Poles and others were captured in raids and sold, primarily to the Ottoman Turks. Many of those who were captured and were deemed unfit as slaves due to age etc. were brutally murdered. That is the legacy of the Khanate of Crimea. The Tatars of today are not responsible for this and no one can be held responsible for what their ancestors did.

  4. this is not Tatars' homeland. they went there from central Asia by invading other nations' homelands, just like Turks invaded Anatolia-homeland of Greeks, Kurds and Armenians. Invaders will never have peace…

  5. Much as I respect Ostrovsky, the Tatars began to return while Gorbachev was still in power. But the majority really did come back after Ukraine became independent. What many forget is that 55% of the Crimean population voted in favor of joining independent Ukraine. In Sevastopol, the supposed hotbed of Russian military patriotism, even more voted in favor. But that has been forgotten under the onslaught of Russian propaganda and disinformation. And in part the Ukrainian leadership was at fault as well, for being infiltrated by Russian fifth columnists and for not understanding the importance of making the public aware of the fact that mainland Ukraine built most of the modern infrastructure in Crimea and provided almost all of the peninsula's potable water and power, as well as 70% of its food and tourists, prior to Russia's power grab in 2014. Today, many Crimeans have fled the peninsula and the people there are suffering in every way possible, including political persecution.

  6. If you don't see the Ashkenazi relation, these are their cousins…muslim left behinds when they (((embraced))) 666judaism666. They should ask the Rothschilds for help:) put some of that multicultural money to use.

  7. Hey AlternateHystory, you didn't mention the fucking english people who kill a lot of local people in America, Australia, just to mention this two countries. Yes is a human horror but think in what is the english contribution in those human horrors

  8. These people were so scared, because the Ukrainian media brainwashed them. And in Ukraine were hundreds of globalist agenda NGOs and writing stories for Ukraine media

  9. The fact that the Western society didn't act tougher on russia in the first place, that,s why Kremlin mobs got green light further with their invasive policy. The biggest Russia's motivation to act in an invasive and aggressive way is the weakness of the Western civilisation. The weakness of the Western civilisation will allow Russian mobs to do their atrocities with no impunity. Fool West does nothing while neighbouring countries with Russia, suffer and always were. Russia is the biggest threat to the Western civilisation and Western values. The sooner the West acts the better consequences will be for the US and EU. Only tougher sanctions on Russia will do the job.

  10. Islam was invented in the middle east and that is where it belongs. Anywhere else that it exists is because of invasion. Russia, China, Japan – they know that Islam is a world domination ideology. They know that it is their best interest not to let it spread. The west has not learned this…yet.

  11. I can't even begin to imagine the level of devastation Stalin unleashed on so many people. Imagine over 50 ethnic groups, all rounded up and deported to a foreign land. Many of these ethnic groups are on the verge of extinction. We talk about halocausts and genocides in history, I'm not so many of them can compare to what was done to these groups. I can understand Putin's policy, he is after all trying to strengthen his nation against overly extremist policies of the globalists. I understand he needs Crimea. But if he could just so a little more care and attention to these poor Tatars who have suffered so much by Russian hands in the past.

  12. Okay the Muslim woman complaining that the Ukrainian government gave them no gas, water, and electricity must think we are a very stupid bunch. The fucking lights are on and you are telling us you have no electricity? Bull shit Muslims lie.

  13. If Russia is smart and wants support in Crimea, they need to support the Tatars. It'S sad to say this but it's a very bad idea to have a Muslim enemy lol. Did you see how the guy said '' we only fear Allah!''. Dont fight the Muslims, you always lose. Be friends with them when there request is honest, it's a good investment. Look at Chechnya, very good example of peace and prosperity. Don't be a moronic brain dead who says ''Stalin saved them'' loool.

  14. btw. you fucking idiots, the Tatars were Ottomans, therefor radical muslims who tried to occupy Europe.
    Catherine the Great traveled from the German Empire to Russia and married Peter III.
    Catherine the Great cleansed crimea from radical islamist Tatar-Ottomans!
    And Russia treated those people GOOD and not how they deserved it.
    Russia was many times in a war with the Ottomans who tried many times to invade and slaughter whites and christians.
    You fucking plebs dont know any shit and you believing this propagandashit.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  15. Russia used to pay tribute to Tatars and was afraid off shadows off Tatar warriors and now midget putin is off charge off this great nation
    Be patient my Tatar bothers rusk gonna go back where they belong
    Slava Ukraine

  16. Семь лет живет на захваченной у Украины земле и тут же Русские пришли и захватили , значит террористы. Дура дурой.

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