The Gangs That Inherited Pablo Escobar’s Drug Empire: Cooking with Cocaine

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In Colombia, the heirs to Pablo Escobar’s drug empire are conducting business as usual — though with a somewhat lower profile. Today’s Medellin drug cartels are highly structured and run much like multinational corporations. But violent gangs operating in the city’s slums provide the muscle; known as combos, they’ve carved Medellin into fiefdoms, imposing invisible borders between gang territory — borders that, when ignored, often get people killed.

VICE News travelled to Medellin to meet gang members — along with top cartel leaders and assassins — who revealed the inner workings of the city’s modern-day cocaine industry.

How a Mexican Cartel Demolished a Town, Incinerated Hundreds of Victims, and Got Away With It:

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32 thoughts on “The Gangs That Inherited Pablo Escobar’s Drug Empire: Cooking with Cocaine

  1. That shit ain't real I can tell you for a FACT lol… like honestly.. that is NOT how bricks get wrapped that is NOT what the product looks like and NOBODY does any of these fake "processes" (like when Monica asks him what he's doing when he dumps all the stuff onto the chicken wire over the bucket, and then tosses it into the blender! NOBODY fucking does that!!).. THIS is what happens when you have a news organization that is more interested in selling you salient stories – they'll go to any lengths… like get tricked into paying these nobodies to appear on camera with chopped up drywall dust.. hahaha he even went on to package the "product" (nobody would buy no garbage powder like that, are you kidding me!) on a CUT SHEET OF DRYWALL…. Either these reporters are completely fucking retarded or they are so disingenuous that they will stop at nothing for this salient but fabricated nonsense.. SMH

  2. Geotagging on the Vice cameras – no mystery of where they were when blindfolded. They’ll drive up on Google Maps – Street View. Go in and sweep up all that shake for the trip home. Spark that Spliff with Dope Dog. Cue Dark Side of the Moon and let the dog just chill.

  3. It's a shame, many intelligent people just wasting their talent in drugs businesses. The "manager" speaks English very well, it shows the cartels are taking advantage of the improvements in the educational standarts.

  4. This one Vice definitely got scammed on, its just like some of the episodes you see on the show DRUGS inc. The liquid cocaine is something they actually do for transport, but that wasn't it, and that home lab process was complete Bullshit!! Vice is usually really good, but this one was completely fake.

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