Top 12 Turn Ons for Women

Before I begin, I want you to take notice of the fact that this list will not mention anything about attractiveness, because, to a woman, it’s obviously something we like, but it’s not a deal-breaker requirement for most women and it’s not the only thing that can turn us on. So let’s get into the things that EVERY man does or can do that turns women on.

Has good manners (i.e. holds door open for a woman, knows to not eat before a woman, polite to others). You’d be surprised how uncommon a well-mannered man is.

This indicates a man is friendly.

A man who has his finances in order and keeps good relationships with family and/or friends.

Being confident in yourself and everything you do is a huge turn on for women. This can make up for lacking in the good looks department.

i.e. grooming, healthy lifestyle habits, being well-dressed.

In all that you do, including your career.



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Article Source: Ashley Weston

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