This is part 2 of our list of 50 of the best “Superfoods” you can eat. While there is no official definition of a Superfood, it’s generally understood that Superfoods are nutrient powerhouses that pack large doses of
antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals – substances that shield our bodies from cell damage and help prevent disease. Adding more of these items to your diet on a regular basis may reduce the risk of chronic disease and prolong life. In general, people who consume more “Superfoods” are healthier than those who don’t. How Many do you have in your diet?

26. Flax Seeds: may help your digestion, strengthen your immune system, and help with diabetes.

27. Garlic: may lower cholesterol, help with high blood pressure, fight against cancer, and even kill certain bacteria. Plus, studies suggest garlic extract can be used to treat
yeast infections in women and prostate issues in men

28. Ginger: an all-natural remedy for everything from an upset stomach to unwanted inflammation.

29. Goji Berries: contain a lot of vitamin C and may aid visual
ailments and poor circulation and to help boost the immune system. They are rich in plant-based antioxidants and compounds.

30. Green Tea: Antioxidants galore! slows irregular cell growth, which could potentially help prevent the growth of some cancers.

31. Hemp Seeds: A good source of omega-3 and -6. a balanced omega ratio reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and sudden cardiac death, and has anti-inflammatory benefits that can decrease arthritic symptoms.

32. Kale: powerful antioxidant qualities. may help in preventing
macular degeneration and cataracts. may also help to combat many types of cancer, including breast cancer. It’s also a fantastic source of fiber, calcium, and iron.

33. Lemons and Limes: may fight everything from cancer to the
common cold.

34. Mushrooms: may help control blood pressure and lower your cholesterol and may fight cancer, too!

35. Oats: potential cholesterol-lowering abilities but may also
improve the condition of your skin and help fight diabetes

36. Olive Oil: may strengthen the heart, fight diabetes and cancer, and can help with weight loss.

37. Peaches: great for digestion and constipation.

38. Pistachios: naturally cholesterol-free one-ounce serving has almost the same potassium as one small banana.

39. Pomegranates & Pomegranate Juice: appears to lower blood pressure and loaded with antioxidants. may also fight cancer, reduce blood pressure, and lower bad cholesterol.

40. Pumpkin & Pumpkin Seeds: provides tons of fiber and may
control blood pressure and normalize heart function also has immune boosting powers and plays essential role in eye health.

41. Quinoa: high in fiber, filled with protein provides all nine
essential amino acids our bodies can’t produce themselves

42. Salmon: contains omega-3 fatty acids which reduce
inflammation, improve circulation, increase the ratio of good to bad cholesterol, and may slash cancer risk and may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

43. Sardines: one of the best sources of heart-healthy,
mood-boosting omega-3 fats. They also contain iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper and manganese as well as a full
complement of B vitamins

44. Spinach: may help fight cancer, improve your cardiovascular health, and improve brain function! Contain Antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and vitamins that promote vision and bone health

45. Sprouts: They contain a significant amount of protein and
dietary fiber, as well as vitamin K, folate, pantothenic acid, niacin,
thiamin, vitamin C, vitamin A, and riboflavin

46. Strawberries: one cup of these red beauties satisfies the
daily requirement for vitamin C – the antioxidant helps build and repair the body’s tissues, boosts immunity, and fights excess free radical damage

47. Sweet Potatoes: they protect your vision, encourage a good
mood, fight cancer, and keep your bones strong.

48. Swiss Chard: packed with carotenoids that protect aging eyes.

49. Tomatoes: They contain lycopene Studies suggest that it could protect the skin against harmful UV rays, prevent certain cancers, and help battle high cholesterol and may be big-time cancer fighters.

50. Walnuts: may be great for lowering cholesterol, fighting
cancer and improving your memory.


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