wie man Geld als Kind oder Teenager macht

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Wie man Geld als Kind mit schnell nachgewiesenen Ideen macht, die funktionieren. Dieser Teenager erzählt uns, wie er mit einem Geschäft Geld verdient, das er aus dem Nichts angefangen hat. Seine Geschäfte wachsen schnell und teilen, wie er es tut, also kann irgendein Jugendlicher oder Kind es tun!

25 thoughts on “wie man Geld als Kind oder Teenager macht

  1. I started very similar but used facebook to my advantage and gained 8 weekly yards the first 3 days of actually starting my business, I paid for everything but my small mower ( parents made a deal that instead of paying my do to our yard, the mower is mine as long as I mow my yard) I have 3 echo hand helds, Echo SRM225 trimmer, PE225 edger, PB250LN blower and soon to be Echo Pb580T backpack blower. I purchased a 2012 cub cadet 50" ZTR in the middle of july and it has helped my business as far as speed and being able to do one time mows. I am selling the mower after this fall and am going to get a truck and a toro timemaster or a commercial mower and a truck next summer. I plan to do leaf cleanups and already have jobs booked for aeration jobs. I work most days trying to get a truck because I want to pay for my own truck.

  2. I did the same thing. I started wen i was 12 and i,v been at it for 2 years. I have a craftsman push mower 2 1984 simplicity tractors
    a old partner chainsaw, a bike and a bike trailer, a tractor cart, craftsman weed wacker, and a little electric snow blower.
    but planing on getting a snow plow for my tractors.

  3. I'm 16, have a fully operational company, 20 weekly accounts, spread about 50 yards of mulch a year, 2 hedge trimming jobs a week at minimum, and just started putting in patios(3 more scheduled for this season)

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  5. +Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek Hey Stanley im a 17 year old that has my own lawn-care gig going that i started late summer of 2k16 with about 7 yards i do bi weekly. As much as i like doing what i do my parents discourage me from following suit in owning my own lawn care company as they believe ill never gross more than 30-40k annually in this business. any advice on this matter is appreciated.

  6. That's awesome you interviewed him. Not sure why I never saw this. He lives in the same city as me in North Carolina. I talk to him all the time. I started my landscaping business almost just like that 3 years ago when I was 17

  7. hi my name is emmet im 12 years old id love to talk to u 1 day ive been cutting grass since i was 8 years old i started cutting for my mom with an electric lawn mower for 2 years and then when i was 10 i got my own lawn mower thanks for reading this message bye

  8. wish I was this lucky, when I was 14 I tryed to get my dad to give me his old mower so I could start something like this. he refused. I would be alot further ahead. great video though

  9. Hi my name is Henry. I just started mowing lawns. Me and my friend. Michael have been waiting to do this for years. This summer him and I scratched up just enough money to by a Touro recycler. We charged $20 a job. After that we had 40 bucks and he found a Weedwhacker at a garage sale. Luckily Michael's dad Jeremy is a manager at Ace Hardware. It's been in his family for years. He said that he would start us off with a blower. Same thing Michael and I went from door-to-door asking for jobs by the end of the summer we had 12 jobs him and I made an awesome $2000 and his dad sponsor us a little money to buy a sit down mower. Michael and I have been mowing lawns for only three years we are 11 and nine. We mow up in northern Minnesota.

  10. I'm LOVING your videos!

    Our first actual riding mower ( beyond push mowers ) was through a trade off with a customer. We were mowing her yard, and seen an old ZT on 4 flats covered in dust and dirt under her carport. After several mow cycles, we inquired about it. She said it was parked by her widow after the shop wanted to charge them $950 to repair it.

    She said " haul it off sweetheart. It's just sitting around here ". Youtube, some elbow grease and about 30 dollars in parts and we had a Gravely 44 inch mower zero turn up and running! We've spray painted it, and put " Money Maker " on it as it's name. We got it for free, and it has earned up around $4,000 so far.

    Keep on keeping on folks!

  11. I started mowing this summer when I was 13 and after I saved up my mowing money I went and bought a troy-bilt tb35 ec and when I bought it I got the trimmerplus edger free. it has been working very good and for my birthday I went and bought the trimmerplus cone blower attachment. it does good as well. I plan to get all the trimmerplus attachments and use them all for my lawn mowing business.

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