4 Genius Tension Rod Hacks – Easy Does It – HGTV


Take this multipurpose item way beyond the window with these tension rod hacks for almost every room.

1. Contain Fido: Need to make a quick gate? Add three (or four) tension rods to a door frame with six to eight inches between each one. This setup is perfect for keeping your pup in his designated room.

2. Scarf Storage: Add tension rods in your closet or bedroom nook six to eight inches apart and a few inches forward to prevent overlap. Loop your scarves around the tension rods so they’re easy to grab on your way out the door.

3. Double Your Cabinet Space: Add more space to your kitchen cabinets with makeshift shelves, using two tension rods per shelf.

4. Organize Under Your Sink: If your under-sink cabinet looks a bit chaotic, add two tension rods above your highest item to create an additional, upper shelf.

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