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Your kids will have loads of fun decorating eggs to use as placeholders.

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wooden craft eggs
acrylic paint
paint brush
muffin tin
craft foam sheets
pipe cleaners
hot glue gun + glue sticks
mini cotton balls
paper plate


1. To prepare the workspace, fill a muffin tin with acrylic paint. A paper plate is helpful to act as a drying station. Cover your wooden craft egg in an even layer of paint, and let dry.

2. Next, bring the animals to life. Using basic craft items such as pipe cleaners, foam sheets and feathers, create anything from a rabbit to a rooster in a few steps.

PIGLET: What’s more adorable than a tiny, pink piglet? Create a snout and ears out of craft foam. Pinch the foam earpieces together at the base to create the signature piggy ears. Secure all pieces to the wooden egg with hot glue. Add a curled pipe cleaner for a squiggly tail, and don’t forget the eyes!

LAMB: A fluffy lamb is a signature of springtime. Create a mini sheep by securing tiny cotton balls to the egg’s surface with hot glue. Attach ears to the egg using foam cutouts, and finally, draw on two eyes.

CHICK: To create a chick, attach a yellow craft feather to the top of the egg. Cut a beak shape out of craft foam, and secure to the front of the chick egg with glue. Finally, add two small dots to the front of the egg for eyes.

ROOSTER: A rooster is another animal that can be easily created with a wooden egg. Beginning with a white egg, add a red foam head feather to the top of the egg. Cut a beak-shaped foam piece out, and attach to the front of the egg. Finally, add your tiny rooster eyes.

BUNNY: A bunny rabbit is only a few steps away. Begin by cutting out big, floppy ears from craft foam. Draw a soft-looking nose on the front of the wooden egg, and add two eyes.

3. To finish the creatures, set them in tiny craft pails to create spring-themed placeholders, or set a sweet centerpiece with these sweet showstoppers. These egg animals are the perfect Easter party favor but can also be part of your year-after-year springtime decor. One thing is certain, adults and children alike will fall in love with these lovable wooden creatures.

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