One Of The Best Ways You Can Help The Environment


Happy Earth Day!

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Komodo Wide
Singapore Photographer Imran Ahmad/Getty Images

Hurricane Irma Slams Florida
Warren Faidley/Getty Images
Toronto,Canada: Gardiner Expressway. Point of view of the city downtown district while driving in the highway going in the West direction during daytime
Faithfulshot/Getty Images
Polar Bear
WOWstockfootage/Getty Images
4K, Mother and baby in living room
Big Circle Pictures/Getty Images
Dry, cracked earth during summer drought at dawn, California
David Fortney/Getty Images
Underwater view with coral and school of fish in Komodo Island
Multi-bits/Getty Images
Aerial view of Amazon Rainforest
Multi-bits/Getty Images
Close up of cattle eating the dairy feed as the dispenser rolls by
KVIE Television – America’s Heartland/Getty Images
MS Bumper to bumper traffic on highway in heat haze / San Francisco, California, USA
WGBH Stock Sales/Getty Images
WS, ZI, MS, Large ice chunk calving off Margerie Glacier into water, Tarr Inlet, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA
Art Wolfe travels to the Edge/Getty Images
School of fish
spc01/Getty Images
hoozone/Getty Images
Fishingboat vessel fishing: huge catch of fish
piola666/Getty Images
Aerial – Decay of algae during algal blooms at small sea island
airvideoSI/Getty Images
Amazon river in Brazil
prasit chansarekorn/Getty Images
AERIAL CLOSE UP Logging truck lifting trunks and loading them on stacked tractor
helivideo/Getty Images
Modern coal fired power station with two cooling towers releasing dark clouds into the air. Agricultural field in the foreground
Schroptschop/Getty Images
Large group of cattle being herded in a feedlot
MartinHarvey/Getty Images
In the bathroom include a shower to wash
Ramil Shakirov/Getty Images
Power Station Chimney
Schroptschop/Getty Images

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