Sculpt Your Gorgeous Core With This New Ab Routine ~ Tone It Up Bikini Series!


Join us at for a BRAND NEW Bikini Series ab workout!!

We love quick core toning routines because it only takes a few moves to set those abs on fire! 🔥And today’s routine is just that… fast and majorly effective! Your abs are an incredibly strong muscle group, so you can do this routine as often as you want! It’s a great add-on to any of your Studio Tone It Up routines, quick weekend sweat sesh, or you can do it first thing in the morning to ignite your strong core for the day!

And since we’re so NUTS about you… we’re sharing the best Coconut Core Smoothie at to try after your workout!

This workout is part of the full class available today (and anytime On Demand!) in your Studio Tone It Up App! If you haven’t yet, join the Studio at to start your free 7-day trial! See ya in class!

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